Westinghouse 90cm Gas Cooktop C.I. Trivets
This stainless steel Westinghouse cooktop has gas power, so you can cook evenly without annoying hot and cold spots. Its 5 burners enable you to flexibly meet all your cooking needs. Also, the stainless steel Westinghouse WHG956SB is gas powered. Cook stir-fries to perfection with its wok burner. The Westinghouse cooktop has cast iron trivets, allowing you to protect your cooktop from pan scrapes and scratches. It includes a flame failure safety device and has an electronic ignition. The cooktop features an 895mm width, a 55mm height, and a 530mm depth. Its knob controls let you cook eggs, vegetables and meats at the ideal heat. You can upgrade your kitchen's appearance with help from this Westinghouse cooktop. This gas cooktop must be installed by a licensed professional.

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