Saw Palmetto 3.2g Prostate Formula 45 Caps

Prostate problems? Saw Palmetto 3.2g Prostate Formula relieves impaired urinary flow, delayed onset of urination and the frequent need to urinate during the day and night – as well as other symptoms of medically diagnosed benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

In addition to saw palmetto, which has been clinically proven to reduce BPH symptoms, it contains epilobium and tienchi ginseng, which have traditionally been used to assist BPH symptoms and men’s urinary disorders. Also includes pumpkin seed oil and the antioxidant nutrients zinc, selenium and lycopene to support healthy male physiology.

You can read more about how saw palmetto can assist with prostate health on our lifestyle blog.

Watch our video on Saw Palmetto below:

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