Viroclear Hand Sanitiser 50ml Carton (72x bottles per carton)

The alcohol/ethanol free ViroCEAR hand sanitiser uses the same effective formulation as the ViroCLEAR surface disinfectant.Because it uses BioInnovate technology to supercharge the active component, ViroCLEAR hand sanitiser is deadly to germs and bacteria, but helps to protect the skin s natural barrier and reduce the risk of skin sensitisation. So it s gentle on hands, even with prolonged and regular use.

Alcohol-based sanitisers play an important role in the fight against microbial transmission. However, questions have been raised around issues such as resistance and increased
prevalence of skin irritation with prolonged use.

ViroCLEAR is a world-first, alcohol-free hand sanitiser that uses unique BioInnovate technology to effectively ‘supercharge’ the revolutionary patent-pending formula,
whilst helping to protect the skin’s natural barrier and reducing the risk of skin sensitisation.

  • Uses the same COVID-19 effective formula as the ViroCLEAR surface disinfectant
  • Kills 99.9% of other germs and bacteria.
  • Alcohol free, fragrance free,
    non-irritating and non-drying
  • Boosts skin’s natural defences
  • Reduces the risk of skin sensitisation
  • Travel safe and plane friendly
  • Child safe
  • Contains native Australian plant extracts
  • 100% Australian made and owned

Safety Data Sheet


Q: Does the ViroCLEAR hand sanitiser kill COVID-19?

A: No hand sanitiser has ever been tested against COVID-19 because it's unethical to put the COVID-19 virus on the skin for testing. The ViroCLEAR hand sanitiser is made from the exact same formula as the ViroCLEAR surface spray which has been laboratory tested and proven to kill COVID-19 within 90 seconds of surface contact.


Q: How can plant extracts be more effective than alcohol-based disinfectant?

A: The BioInnovate technology 'supercharges' the active ingredients making it just as effective, if not more so than alcohol-based products. ViroCLEAR contains Benzalkonium Chloride at just 0.12% instead of between 1 and 5% like most ordinary hand sanitisers.


Q: How do I get the maximum benefit from ViroCLEAR hand sanitiser?

A: Appy several sprays of ViroCLEAR hand sanitiser and rub hands together to cover the whole hand and fingers in the spray. Allow the hand sanitiser to dry and reapply after touching another person or surface. ViroCLEAR hand sanitiser is gentle on even the most sensitive skin types so it can be applied regularly without the risk of irritation.


Q: How many units are in each box

A: Available in Carton size of 72, or Pallet QTY of 6,048.

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