Make a variety of meals and snacks for your friends and family with Sunbeam’s electric reversing BBQ grill which features reversible grill plate- flat side and ribbed side, non-stick cooking surfaced, variable temperature control and more The Sunbeam logo Best Electric Appliances Made The Sunbeam Reversa BBQ Grill Cooking pancakes on the flat plate and grilling chicken on the ribber plate Reversible Versatility From pancakes to grilled meats, you can cook a huge range of dishes with the Sunbeam Reversa BBQ Grill’s reversible plate. With one ribbed surface and one flat surface, this grill lets you prepare delicious food for every meal. Grilling chicken skewars on the Sunbeam Reversa Grill Grilling Power With 2400W of cooking power, the Reversa BBQ Grill lets you cook dishes at high temperatures, so you can achieve beautiful grill marks on meats, veggies, and fruits, giving your dishes that distinctive caramelised BBQ taste. The Sunbeam grill's cooking plate clicks easily in and out for cooking and cleaning Clever Design Using either the flat surface or ribbed side is easy, as the Sunbeam Reversa’s grill plate clicks in and out quickly. A removable drip tray allows grease and oil to run off to, so your meals are beautifully cooked without excess fat. The electric grill's cooking plate is dishwasher safe

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