Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

Wakeup to FM radio or music via BluetoothTM with this Multi-Purpose Alarm Clock. This multi-purpose alarm clock is able to charge your devices via USB ( 3 front USB ports) or with Qi Wireless Charging. Whether you're using it in the kitchen office or bedroom its a multipurpose gem as an alarm clock to charge your phone and other devices or to listen to your favourite tracks via tap-and-go NFC or Bluetooth pairing.

Never worry about sleeping in again due to your phone's flat battery. You can even set two consecutive alarm clocks which will sound to your selected radio station tune or the alarm clock buzzer. Suitable for all ages and ideal for any home.


The Qi Wireless Charging Alarm Clock is all the rage at the moment! See it featured in the media recommended by leading tech influencers in Australia:

Gadget Guy (Peter Blasina)

Channel News (David Richards)

Tech Guide (Stephen Fenech)

ETFM (Trevor Long)

Ausdroid (Chris Rowland)

IT Wire (Ray Shaw)

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