Create clear recordings of your trip and get important feedback through audible alerts while driving with the Navman MiVUE860DC Tyre 2.7-inch In-Car Camera.

Key Features
  • The Navman MiVUE860DC Tyre 2.7-inch In-Car Camera simultaneously records your front and rear view at 1080p resolution and H.264 compression for clear footage that takes up minimal storage space.
  • Equipped with a Low Light Sony sensor and featuring Wide Dynamic Range support, the camera can capture more detail even in dark or bright environments.
  • Incorporating EZYSHARE technology, the MiVUE860DC Tyre in-car camera can quickly send videos to your paired smartphone via Wi-Fi.
  • This Navman camera has Advance Driver Assistance Systems and GPS tracking to keep you focused on driving and safe on the road while automatically recording location, speed, and direction throughout each trip.
  • With Event Recording Mode, the Navman MiVUE860DC Tyre in-car camera can detect sudden motion changes or impacts to immediately save captured footage and transfer video to your paired mobile device via Wi-Fi.

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