Multi Vitamins & Minerals 100 Tabs

Tired or lacking energy? You may not be consuming enough vitamins and minerals. Revitalise by topping up your daily diet with Multi Vitamins & Minerals, a comprehensive formula aimed at improving your micronutrient status and helping you establish a foundation for optimal nutrition.

This wellbalanced combination of nutrients may be particularly beneficial for people whose diets are low in fruit and vegetables and for those who are tired, busy or under pressure.We all do our best to eat well, but many of us don’t manage to do so every single day.

Here are three of the most common reasons to consider taking a daily multi to support your health and wellbeing:

  1. You don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables: Alarmingly, a whopping 93% of Australians don’t eat the recommended 5-6 serves of vegetables every day, and around half don’t consume the recommended two servings of fruit. While taking a multivitamin can’t replace a balanced diet, it may help to overcome occasional nutritional shortfalls.
  2. You drink lots of tea, coffee, soft drinks or alcohol: Coffee and tea may inhibit your absorption of nutrients such as iron, while soft drinks may promote the excretion of others, including magnesium. Similarly, excessive alcohol may adversely affect your nutritional status (for example, reducing levels of vitamin B1).
  3. You’re dieting: While achieving a healthy body weight is vital to good health, low calorie diets and skipped meals can also make it difficult to consume the vitamins and minerals you need.

You can read the other most common reasons for taking supplements on our lifestyle blog.

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