htmlLysine 1000 Cold Sore Relief
Lysine 1000 Cold Sore Relief

Cold sores are painful, unsightly and can make you feel down right miserable. So how would you feel if I told you there may be something that could help reduce the frequency, severity and reoccurrence of cold sores? Excited, relieved….?

Wait no longer, relief is here. Australian NaturalCare is proud to introduce Lysine 1000! Lysine is an essential amino acid - one of the eight essential amino acids vital for human health. Our bodies cannot create lysine so it is crucial we get it from our diet.

So how does lysine help with cold sores I hear you ask? Well, cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). This virus is found in around 90% of all adults, with around one third actually suffering from cold sores. The virus lives in your body and can remain dormant until something triggers an outbreak.

The herpes simplex virus requires large amounts of another amino acid called arginine to replicate, but this is where lysine can help to save the day! Lysine competes with arginine absorption which reduces the amount of arginine available for the virus to use to replicate itself. When the ratio of lysine is high compared to arginine, replication of the herpes simplex virus may be inhibited.

So when you feel that tingle and burn, Lysine 1000 is here to help!

Lysine 1000 may:

  • Help reduce the severity of cold sore symptoms such as itching, burning & pain
  • Help reduce the frequency and severity of cold sore outbreaks
  • Help reduce the reoccurrence of cold sore outbreaks
  • Help shorten the outbreak of cold sores
  • Help reduce the healing time of cold sores
  • Help manage cold sore outbreaks
  • Aid minor wound healing
  • Assist calcium absorption and help regulate calcium levels
  • Support and maintain normal, heatlhy immune function
  • Help in the production and formation of collagen
  • Help energy production


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