LG 332L Top Mount Refrigerator - S/S RHH

Find room for all of your fresh food and drink in this stainless steel LG 332 litre top mount fridge GT-332SDC. LGs Inverter Linear Compressor reduces temperature fluctuations, helping to maintain the appearance and taste of fresh produce. Door Cooling directs air flow to the door area to help cool the front of the fridge and prolong the life of products stored in the door, while the Moist Balance Crisper retains evaporated moisture from vegetables, allowing them to stay fresher for longer. Plus, Multi Air Flow ensures chilled air is distributed evenly to every shelf, meaning you can store meats and proteins wherever you please. The LG GT-332SDC features tempered glass shelves, a moving ice tray, and humidity control. The intelligent cooling system ensures that your groceries will last longer in this LG 332L Top Mount Refrigerator.

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