A carefully balanced combination of ingredients to provide nutritional support for the maintenance of healthy joints. Healthy Joints formula contains the correct daily dosage of glucosamine to help with the temporary relief of the pain of osteoarthritis and improve joint mobility.

Healthy Joints helps give temporary relief from osteoarthritis pain, and helps reduce the joint stiffness and inflammation of osteoarthritis. When taken as directed, Healthy Joints provides 1500mg of glucosamine sulfate per day. In several clinical trials, this dose of glucosamine has been shown to help reduce mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis pain and enhance joint flexibility, particularly in the knees.

Healthy Joints may also help reduce inflammation and swelling associated with osteoarthritis, and assist with pain relief, tissue repair, and functional improvements when cartilage damage is due to a sporting injury.

Healthy Joints contains glucosamine sulfate, a clinically trialled form of glucosamine that helps regenerate cartilage by providing the body with the compounds called proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans, which are the natural building blocks required for the formation of cartilage cells. In addition, glucosamine sulfate stimulates the activity of the cartilage cells (called chondrocytes) and supports the cartilage’s cushioning effect on the joints.

In Healthy Joints, glucosamine sulfate is accompanied by the nutritional cofactors vitamin C, citrus bioflavonoids, zinc, manganese and copper, which help maintain connective tissue and cartilage health.

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