Ginkgo 2000 60 Tabs

Feeling forgetful? Enhance memory, concentration and mental alertness with Ginkgo 2000. It supports brain function and may help to improve your working memory and ability to process new information. By supporting capillary function and peripheral circulation, Ginkgo 2000 may also be beneficial for people affected by cold hands and feet, and for those who experience tired, painful legs from walking long distances.

High potency standardised Ginkgo biloba extract at a clinically-trialled dose.

Why choose standardised ginkgo?

Ginkgo has been the subject of hundreds of clinical trials, the majority of which use a concentrated extract of the herb, standardised for its content of certain medicinally active constituents to ensure controlled and predictable results.

Like the ginkgo extracts used in clinical research, Ginkgo 2000 is standardised to contain 9.6mg or 24% of the active ginkgo flavonglycosides, and 2.4mg of the terpene fractions ginkgolide and bilobalide.

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