Ginkgo 10,000mg One-A-Day

Do you struggle to remember things, have trouble concentrating or just have a lot on your plate?

Ginkgo 10,000mg One-A-Day may help improve memory, mental alertness and cognitive function. It may also help improve concentration and mental performance, which can have a significant impact on your ability to learn and process information.

Ginkgo is believed to work by enhancing blood flow to the brain and promoting the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Its documented antioxidant properties may also protect your cells and cell membranes from free radical and oxidative damage. But it isn’t all just about your memory. This powerful herb has a wide range of other benefits including boosting circulation, which helps to relieve cold hands and feet. By enhancing blood flow it may also help to assist sexual function.

At 10,000mg per tablet, Ginkgo 10,000mg One-A-Day is one of the strongest ginkgo biloba supplements in Australia!

When selecting gingko supplements, it’s very important to look for standardised products. Each convenient one-a-day tablet of new Ginkgo 10,000mg One-A-Day contains 200mg of concentrated extract equivalent to 10,000mg of Ginkgo biloba leaves. This extract is then carefully standardised to contain a therapeutically active dose of 48mg of Ginkgo flavonglycosides and 12mg of ginkgolides & bilobalides.

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