essential 8 90 caps

According to a recent survey, only 6% of Australians eat the recommended 5 vegetable and 2 fruit portions a day. That leaves a huge 94% of us who need a little help to ensure we have a nutritious, balanced diet.

That's why we created essential 8. Containing a blend of eight well known organic fruit and vegetable powders, including beetroot, carrot, kale, spinach, broccoli sprouts, apple, grape and acai berry, essential 8 is your daily natural nutritional and antioxidant support.

The organic fruit and vegetable powders in these vegetarian capsules have been chosen to provide a full range of synergistic phyto-nutrients - the antioxidants that also give fruit and vegetables their impressive range of colours. Each capsule also contains Phyoxidase, a natural preservative created from green tea and rosemary that also provides additional antioxidant support. The simple formula of only 8 ingredients (plus phyoxidase) has been created specially to be easily absorbed by your body.

Ideal for those with hectic lifestyles, or those wanting an antioxidant or nutritional boost, essential 8 does not replace your fruit and vegetable intake but should be used as a 'top up' when required.

Certified organic, essential 8 capsules are pleasant tasting and 100% plant based meaning no fillers, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners. They are dairy, wheat and gluten free and suitable for children over 2 years old, pregnant and nursing mothers and vegetarians.

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