Electrolux 75cm 5 Burner Gas Cooktop S/S
This spacious Electrolux 75cm gas cooktop lets you comfortably cook a large meal with enough for left-overs using various size pots and pans. Five burners have you covered from high-flame stir-frying or rapid boiling of a pot of pasta on the powerful wok burner, to simmering sauces on the small burner, frying off side dishes or cooking rice on the two medium burners, or searing steaks on the large burner. Plus, seeing that the wok burner has a dual flame, you've got the flexibility to go from simmer to high-flame, and vice versa for cooking precision when it matters. The Electrolux EHG755SD features high-quality, flat cast iron trivets that can easily bear the brunt of your more heavier pots, and provides for easy manoeuvring of pots and pans without straining your arm. With a stainless steel finish, metalised control knobs, and a laser etched control panel for durability, this Electrolux gas cooktop is all about function and style in one convenient appliance.

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