Electrolux 60cm Black Ceramic Glass Cooktop
Create a family meal at once with this Electrolux 60cm gas cooktop's four burners. It features a dual flame wok burner that can go from high flame for stir-frying or rapid boiling, down to a gentle simmer when you want to keep a cooked stir-fry nice and warm thanks to this burner's accurate flame control. The Electrolux EHG645BD has a small burner for simmering sauces, a large burner when you need extra heat for searing, and a medium burner for cooking rice to go alongside your stir-fry creation. Plus, the flat cast iron trivets make it easy moving pots and pans around as you see fit. This gas cooktop has a stunning black ceramic glass finish for high durability, with dark metallised control knobs for a truly seamless and elegant edition to any kitchen workspace.

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