Bilberry 24 000mg 30 Caps

Support your Eye Health with Super-Strength Bilberry 24,000mg One-A-Day

Do you suffer from tired weary eyes? Is eyestrain becoming a problem? Maybe you just want to do your best to support and maintain one of your most important organs?

The antioxidant rich Bilberry 24,000mg One-A-Day formula specifically targets and aims to support the regeneration of rhodopsin in the retina, which helps assist rod function and light adaptation. Bilberry helps the micro-circulation in the eye, which may help improve blood flow, nutrient supply and oxygen delivery. Bilberry also helps strengthen the walls of the small capillaries in the eye, which help nourish the eye.

At 24,000mg per capsule, Bilberry 24,000mg One-a-Day is currently the strongest bilberry supplement in Australia.*

Bilberry 24,000mg One-A-Day contains a concentrated extract of bilberry, which is standardised to contain the active anthocyanosides to ensure you are getting the therapeutically active dose in each and every single capsule!

If you are serious about your eye health, then consider Bilberry 24,000mg One-A-Day, it’s the strongest product you can buy and it’s made in Australia to the highest standards of manufacturing practice.

  • Help relieve eye strain and visual fatigue caused by computer work, glare, poor lighting and fine detailed close up work.
  • Support healthy eye function and eye health.
  • Help visual clarity, acuity and sharpness.
  • Help with light adaptation.
  • Help with visual acuity and sharpness in poor light.

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*As at January 2017 when this article was printed.

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