Berville the 3X Bluicer

A versatile equipment for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the Breville the 3X Bluicer lets you easily prepare nutritious soups, smoothies, cocktails, juices, or frappes all in one user-friendly appliance. Key Features Kinetix contoured bowl and blade system makes it easy for you to blend various ingredients together to create delectable slushies or shakes Cold Spin Technology drives ingredients through a mesh filter-covered, stainless-steel cutting disc for efficient juice extraction which goes straight into a 1.5L blender jug Offers 5 speeds and 4 one-touch programs, including pulse/ice crush and frozen cocktail to suit your needs Wide, 88mm feed chute lets you put in whole vegetables and fruits without the need for pre-cutting Works with the Vac Q vacuum pump (sold separately), allowing you to create smooth slushies, creamy spreads, and silky soups conveniently

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