With an ergonomic layout that boasts 3 dedicated gas burners, 1 of which is a versatile 'high power, low simmer' wok burner, Franke have constructed a flexible and spacious cooking solution that's perfect for keen chefs with a passion for gastronomy. fryingSensor Plus with 5 temperature settings Design: Black ceramic glass with stainless steel side profiles and beveled front, New design (of printing), Can be combined with Domino cooktops Comfort and Convenience: Dual LightSlider, LED display and timer with auto switch off for all cooking zones, Count up timer per cooktop, ReStart - Quickly reinstates previous settings, QuickStart - Quick and automatic first pot detection, powerMove Plus, Size and Power, 17 power levels for each cooking zone Cooking Zones: 1 x 400 mmx230 mm, 3.3 kw (max. Power level 3.7 kw), Induction or 2 x 200 mm, 2.2 kw (max. Power level 3.7 kw) Induction;, 1 x 320 mm, 2.2 KW (max. Power level 3.7 kw) Induction;, 1 x 400 mm x 230 mm, 3.3 kw (max. Power level 3.7 kw ), Induction oder 2 x 200 mm, 2.2 kw (max. Power level 3.7 kw )Induction, 11.1 kW total connected load Safety and Environment: Automatic pan recognition, Automatic safety switch-off, childproof lock, 2-stage (h/H) digital residual heat indicator, Energy efficiency display

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