Would you go to the movies by yourself?

We go shopping, to the gym and undertake all our regular daily stuff alone, but for some reason going to the cinema by ourselves is different.

Interestingly, everyone has different guidelines for solo outings. These ideas are often marked by a degree of irrationality and fear of judgement. Are you okay with your own company, and oddly if you are honest with yourself are scared to be seen at the movies alone? Is it fearing others will assume you have no friends? You’d be sitting there all alone, surrounded by people who aren’t alone and be humiliated...

Reading this, of course, we all see these fears are a bit silly.

We challenge you, to go to that movie or restaurant alone and, depending on the movie, you’ll have a good time.

Here are 5 reasons to go to the cinema alone:

  1. Do you love a good soppy romantic comedy? When you go by yourself you can see whatever film you wish and only have to manage your own indecisive on which film to pick.
  2. For those that like to arrive late, and have to take whatever seat is available - including those right at the front, well then that’s over to them. When you go to the movies by yourself, you’re able to sit wherever you want and it’s much easier to find a seat.
  3. You can select the snack or popcorn you want and then you don’t have to share it.
  4. You can enjoy the cinema atmosphere and not have to talk to anyone. Equally, there will be no one trying to ask you irrelevant questions during the movie.
  5. You can laugh extra loudly or if you cry a lot during movies you can continue to sob away and lose yourself in your emotions.
There are so many positives to going to the movies on your own that it outweighs the negatives. Try it out at least once!


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