Need a holiday?

For us in the not-for-profit community we understand our employers will not be able to match Virgin's offer of 'unlimited leave'. This notion highlights a general trend for organisations to move towards flexibility as a performance booster. We all know we are more productive after a break and holidays make us more focused in the lead up to our leave, because we have deadlines to meet.

Everyone loves a holiday. You have the time to do whatever you feel like, to travel where your budget allows, and to enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Did you ever stop to consider, a holiday might be as much a necessary as it is enjoyable?

There’s no time like the present for you to put your dreaming about the perfect way to recharge your batteries into action.

Getting away somewhere warm and sunny with your family will make you happier and create memories to share, give you the time alone and away from routine distractions, and help you feel closer to your loved ones.

A holiday is often a good medicine to deal with stress, health problems and other modern day  well-being issues. Whether it’s due to the extra Vitamin D you’re able to absorb as a result of being out of the office or the fact of putting troubles into perspective with the time away off from routine stress, a getaway is good for your health.

Funnily enough, being away from work can actually boost your productivity and creativity. Travelling allows us to experience new things, develop skills and opens our horizons. This enables us come up with new and better ideas to bring back to the office.

What do you say, is it time for a family holiday and to enjoy a warm breeze and chilled drink?


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