How to become a ‘runner’.

Today we understand the importance of looking after ourselves and the need for physical exercise. Whether you’re simply on the journey to tone up or contemplating signing up for a running event, here are 5 key strategies that can help you get your internal stride, and reach your running goals.
1. Commit to Training
To prepare for an event or running goal, you’ll need a training plan.  When starting out, create a strategy for each of your runs. Each time you run the same track, challenge yourself to run that little bit further, such as to the next tree or electrical pole. As you advance, have courage to push beyond your self-imposed limitations.

Most events tend to supply a generic training program and if you want more guidance, you can seek the help from a personal trainer.
2. Listen to your body
Listen to how you are feeling. If you go too hard, too soon and without prior conditioning, it can result in losing momentum and increasing your risk of injury. Equally, consistent pain in one area may be a vulnerability or high stress location, potentially requiring more attention than stretching and a visit to a health professional.
3. Get connected
Use apps to help you track your distance and pace. For each run study your statistics and progress to see how you’re developing against your goals. There’s a golden rule for increasing your training, that’s a 10% increase per week in either distance or pace.
4. Make sure you have the right shoes
A change to your usual exercise may require a new pair or style of footwear. Also consider you might need to ‘turn over’ your shoes more often as you clock up the distance. 
5. Change Your Inner Voice
We all logically know that you can’t expect to run like Wonder Woman from the start. A great trick is the 'fake-it-until-you-make-it' thinking. Build yourself up with constant positive feedback by choosing praise over negative inner language. If doubt creeps in, discard it straight away. Tell yourself, "I am a runner."

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Test. This is a great article. where can i buy shoes?

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